FAZUP Skydd mot elektromagnetisk strålning från din mobiltelefon



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Les ondes électromagnétiques des smartphones sont au coeur de polémiques et de grands débats publics. La communauté scientifique, les pouvoirs publics et les usagers ont mis en lumière les nombreuses komplikationer que ces ondes peuvent être à l'origine :

- Tumeurs cérébrales

- Maux de tête, acouphènes

- Troubles du sommeil et du comportement

- Infertilitet, fausse soffa, etc.

Fazup est une technology française brevetée och assemblée dans un ESAT (Centre pour Travailleurs Handicapés).

Fazup est kompatibel avec plus de 220 telefonmodeller .

Plåstret är identiskt för bärbara telefoner, seul le positionnement du patch change.

Le patch Fazup est enkel installationsprogram , il suffit de le coller au dos de votre smartphone à l'aide de l'outil de positionnement fourni et en suivant  notre guide d'installation.

Son antenne imprimée à l'encre conductrice argentée et sa forme spécifique réduisent les ondes absorbées par votre corps et votre tête jusqu'à 96 %* (norm SAR).

L'utilisation de Fazup n'altère pas la qualité des communications* de votre téléphone et le patch sera protégé de l'usure sous la coque de votre téléphone.


Commandez dès Maintenant votre patch Fazup et rejoignez ses 700 000+ utilisateurs !

- Användning enkel och effektiv

- Réduit jusqu'à 96% des vagues

- Protection de votre bien-être et de celui de votre famille et de vos amis.

- Limitation de l'impact des vagues

- Plus d'échauffement de l'oreille et du téléphone portable

- Patch inkl. une antennen passiv

*Dans les conditions d'utilisation recommandées par les opérateurs


The results are impressive but above all worrying:

* Statistics carried out on a total of 450 people who gave an opinion on the evolution or non-evolution of their feelings of discomfort after 1 month of use of FAZUP (voluntary testers using the mobile phone at least 30 minutes a day)

Investigation carried out by the program "on n'est plus des pigeons" on France Télévisions:

Yes it works !

Measurement of waves emitted WITHOUT and WITH Fazup:

Measurement performed on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Learn more about the conditions of this test

Fazup greatly reduces the amount of waves you absorb!

This reduction is scientifically proven on the SAR standard* The specific absorption rate is an index, expressed in watts per kilogram, defining the energy of the waves emitted by a smartphone. (Specific Absorption Rate) and measured by the independent French laboratory EMITECH.

See independent tests proving the effectiveness of the Fazup patch according to international SAR measurement protocols.

*SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the only worldwide reference standard that quantifies the maximum amount of waves that your head and body absorb when you use your mobile. The legal limit in Europe is 2W/Kg..

Fazup technology

Reduce your wave absorption!

Fazup is a French 🇫🇷 patented technology and is assembled in ESAT (workers with disabilities).

Fazup is compatible with over 220 phone models. The patch is identical for all phone models, only its position changes.

The Fazup patch is easy to install, simply stick it to the back of your smartphone using the positioning tool provided and following our installation guide.

Its antenna printed in conductive silver ink and its specific shape reduce the waves absorbed by your body and your head by up to 96%* (SAR standard).

Using Fazup does not affect the quality of communications on your phone*.

Order your Fazup patch now and join our community of 1,000,000+ users!

*Under the conditions of use recommended by the operators
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Frequently asked Questions

Is my mobile compatible with the Fazup patch?

Fazup is compatible with more than 300 phone models, to consult the list click here. If your mobile is not part of this list, it may be tested soon or we may be able to offer you an alternative positioning, especially if you experience discomfort such as: headaches, sleep disorders, tinnitus, tingling , warm-ups… Please contact our customer support by clicking here

What is the lifespan of the Fazup patch?

Fazup is designed to last! We strongly recommend that you use a protective cover to protect the Fazup patch. It is very resistant but the frictional stresses imposed on mobile phones during normal use are very strong. You will only need to replace your patch if you change mobile. The effectiveness of Fazup is guaranteed without time limit as long as the circuit is not altered.

Does Fazup interfere with the reception quality of my mobile?

In certain conditions of very poor reception and on mobiles with lower network sensitivity, Fazup may slightly reduce reception. This phenomenon remains marginal with regard to the high protection provided by Fazup on a daily basis.

Such a low impact represents one of the major advantages of our technology given the very significant reductions in SAR.

You should know that the transmission power of your mobile can vary by a ratio of 1 to 1000 depending on the reception conditions. A single minute of communication in the worst reception conditions is equivalent to 3 hours in the best, in terms of electromagnetic emission.

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