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Did you know ?

90% of your daily exposure to the waves comes from your smartphone!

Waves are dangerous, especially for pregnant women and children, who absorb up to 10X more waves than adults! And what will the consequences be for them in 10, 20 or 30 years? The risks are numerous:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified these waves as possibly carcinogenic. Invisible yet omnipresent, protection from harmful waves is essential.

The passive antenna is designed to protect you and your family.


* Statistics carried out on a total of 450 people who gave a feedback on the evolution of their feelings of discomfort over a one-month period using FAZUP (voluntary testers used their cellphone for at least 30 minutes a day).

And the users are relieved :

Survey conducted by the show "On n'est pas des pigeons" (We're not stupid) on France Télévisions

Yes it works!

Here is the measurement of emitted waves with and without the Fazup patch :

The measurement was realized on the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Read more about the conditions of this test.

Fazup significantly reduces the amount of waves you absorb! 

This reduction is scientifically proven on the SAR* standard The specific absorption rate is an index, expressed in watts per kilogram, defining the wave energy emitted by a smartphone. (Specific Absorption Rate) and measured by the independent French laboratory EMITECH and NEXIO.

See the independent tests proving the effectiveness of the Fazup patch following the international protocols of SAR measurement.

*The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the only international reference standard that quantifies the maximum amount of waves that your head and body absorb when you use your mobile. The legal limit in Europe is 2W/Kg.

Fazup technology

Protect yourself from harmful waves!

Fazup is a French patented technology 🇫🇷 and is assembled in an ESAT (center for workers with disabilities).

Fazup is compatible with more than 300 phone models. The patch is identical for every phone models, only its position changes.

The Fazup patch is easy to install, simply stick it to the back of your smartphone using the positioning tool provided and following our installation guide.

Its antenna printed in conductive silver ink and its specific shape reduces up to 96% of the waves absorbed by your body and head* (SAR standard).

Using Fazup does not affect the quality of your phone's communications*.

Order your Fazup patch now and join our community of 1,000,000+ users!

*In the conditions of use recommended by the phone carriers.

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Medias talk about Fazup

Report from the show "Le grand 8" (The big 8)

In this report of the channel D8, the director of the show "le grand 8" wanted to know if the Fazup patch actually decreased the exposure of cellphone users to the waves 

With the participation of former health minister Roselyne Bachelot and journalists Laurence Ferrari and Audrey Pulvar. Her conclusions are simple: Let's protect ourselves with FAZUP!

Frequently asked questions

Is my cell phone compatible?

Here is the list of phones compatible with Fazup

Fazup is compatible with over 300 phone models.

If your cell phone is not on this list, it may be tested soon or we may be able to offer you an alternative positioning, especially if you feel discomfort such as: headaches, sleep disturbances, tinnitus, seizures ...

Please contact our customer support.

What is the life span of the Fazup patch?

Fazup is designed to last! We strongly recommend that you use a phone case to protect the Fazup patch. It is very resistant but the daily friction of cell phones with fabrics could potentially make it lose adhesive power. 

You will have to replace your patch only if you change your cell phone.   

The efficiency of Fazup is guaranteed without time limit as long as the circuit is not altered.

The patch is not intended to be repositionable because it sticks very well and must last a long time on a mobile. 

Even if one manage to remove it, it would break" the structure of the conductive ink composing the antenna (by strongly bending the patch to remove it) and its efficiency would be altered or completely destroyed.

Does Fazup interfere with the reception quality of my phone?

In certain conditions of very poor reception and on phones with lower network sensitivity, Fazup may slightly reduce the reception. This phenomenon remains minor compared to the high protection provided by Fazup on a daily basis.

Such a low impact represents one of the major assets of our technology given the very important reductions of the SAR.

It is important to know that the transmission power of your mobile can vary from 1 to 1000 depending on the reception conditions. Only 1 minute of communication in the worst reception conditions is equivalent to 5 hours in the best, in terms of electromagnetic emission.

When your mobile doesn't pick up any network or very little, it emits at its highest power, the usefulness of Fazup is then maximum.

On the other hand, under certain conditions of use of your mobile, Fazup can improve the quality of reception of your mobile.

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The electromagnetic waves of smartphones are at the heart of controversy and major public debate. The scientific community, public authorities and users have highlighted the many complications that these waves can cause :

- Brain tumors

- Headaches, tinnitus

- Sleep and behavioral disorders

- Infertility, miscarriage, etc.

Fazup is a patented French technology assembled in an ESAT (Centre for Disabled Workers).

Fazup is compatible with over 300 phone models.

The patch is identical for all mobile phone models, only the positioning of the patch changes.

The Fazup patch is easy to install, just stick it to the back of your smartphone using the positioning tool provided and following our installation guide.

Its antenna printed with silver conductive ink and its specific shape reduce the waves absorbed by your body and head by up to 96%* (SAR standard).

Using Fazup does not affect the quality of your phone's communications* and the patch will be protected from wear and tear under your phone's shell.


Order your Fazup patch now and join its 1 000,000+ users!

- Simple and effective use

- Reduces up to 96% of waves

- Protection of your well-being and that of your family and friends.

- Limitation of wave impact

- No more ear and mobile phone heating

- Patch including a passive antenna

*Under the conditions of use recommended by the operators


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