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Fazup compatibility

My phone is not in the list of compatible mobiles

What to do if my phone is not scheduled for the test?

I have a magnet on the back of my phone, will it interfere with Fazup?

Can I use my phone case?

Can we use the patch on a tablet, a computer or a WIFI router?

Can we use the patch on a smart meter?

Can the patch be used on other devices?

Installing the Fazup patch

My foam installation tools do not contain certain coordinates indicated on the guide (A11, F0 ...)

The patch "protrudes" on the lower edge and / or the side of the mobile, is this normal?

I have a glass or protective film on the back of my phone, can I put the patch on it?

The Fazup patch

How long does the patch last?

Is the patch repositionable?


Delivery times

I want to change / correct my delivery address

My package is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it

My order is incomplete


I would like to cancel my order

I want to cancel only part of my order

I missed the special offer at the end of the order and I want to take advantage of it

I want to return my order and be refunded

After-sales services

I have a problem on my mobile and I think it is related to the use of the patch (battery draining quickly, network problem, phone heating up ...)

"Satisfied or refunded" guarantee

Other requests