This reduction is scientifically proven on the SAR* standard (Specific Absorption Rate) and measured by the independent French laboratory EMITECH.

See the independent tests proving the effectiveness of the Fazup patch following the international protocols of SAR measurement.

*The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the only international reference standard that quantifies the maximum amount of waves that your head and body absorb when you use your mobile. The legal limit in Europe is 2W/Kg.

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Fazup technology

Protect yourself from harmful waves!

Fazup is a French technology 🇫🇷 patented and assembled in ESAT (center for workers with disabilities).

Fazup is compatible with more than 200 phone models. The patch is identical for every phone models, only its position changes.

The Fazup patch is easy to install, simply stick it to the back of your smartphone using the positioning tool provided and following our installation guide.

Its antenna printed in conductive silver ink and its specific shape reduces up to 96% of the waves absorbed by your body and head* (SAR standard).

Using Fazup does not affect the quality of your phone's communications*.


Order your Fazup patch now and join our community of 500,000 users!

*In the conditions of use recommended by the phone carriers.

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The Fazup patch, explained in one minute